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The Nuts Revolution

"How did Nutchies begin? What is our story?

Well, like any good story worth telling, ours involves a hopeful young couple, a dash of opportunity, a pinch of dumb luck and bucket loads of hard work.

Truth is, Nutchies actually began quite by accident.” This is a statement my wife Sylvie and I warmly and honestly share with anyone who asks about our brand’s origin. You see, we originally planned to develop a cosmetics brand together in Indonesia. However, the deeper we went into our market research and study of that industry, the more apprehensive we grew due to the large amount of barriers and hurdles that laid down that road. And then, rather unexpectedly, we stumbled upon quite a different opportunity; a tasty opportunity that we quickly fell in love with. Roasted, coated cashew nuts! The sheer joy that my wife and I experienced from the moment we first came to know such crunchiness is one we knew we just had to share with the rest of the world. And thus, a seed was planted in our minds. A cashew seed.

But we knew what we tasted was just the beginning. Our imagination ran wild with what we could do with these crunchy munchies to really make them stand out. We thus decided to come up with numerous unique flavours; each one offering a distinct new way to enjoy that phenomenal crunchiness that my wife and I had become obsessed with. Of course, it was hard work developing a snack brand from scratch. Aside from the more obvious challenges surrounding the business’ operation, perhaps the biggest concern that we had actually centered more around the brand’s identity. What did Nutchies really stand for? Would it be accepted by the market? Would it fit in amongst other brands in the industry? Such questions weighed heavily on our minds as we struggled to define our fledgling enterprise; questions that were clearly applicable, not only to brands, but to people too. Who am I? Will I fit in with everybody else? Would I be accepted even though I am different? In the end, we decided that the beating heart of Nutchies really is about having the courage to be yourself; to dare to be different and to not be afraid to swim against the current.

Admittedly, it was also a very fun and rewarding process though, in large part because we were doing something together that we cared about, that we believed in. That joy defined the spirit of our brand and became a useful sort of compass that guided us in a lot our decisions from then on. Case in point, we came up with our brand name “Nutchies” and our cute squirrel mascot “Champy” as a way to reflect how we want our product to be viewed. We want it to be about fun, about the joy that food can bring us and about challenging the common notion that nuts are only to be enjoyed by old men and health nuts, pun intended!

Ultimately, we hope that Nutchies can help transform the way we view nuts. Traditionally, nuts have always been thought of as merely festive snacks or finger food in pubs or bars. But why wait till the next festivity or why need you be in a pub or bar in order to tear open a pack of nuts? Why aren’t they held in the same high regard as chips and chocolates? Why can’t we enjoy them in more ways in our everyday lives? How about pairing sweet-flavoured cashews with coffee? Or gifting premium flavoured cashew snacks to our loved ones? Is there another snack aside from popcorn or chips that I can enjoy whilst binge-watching my latest Netflix obsession? These questions are why we are in this business; questions to which we hope Nutchies can be an answer.

It is a hard battle indeed, trying to change the way people view nuts. And no doubt we will need as many soldiers as we can get. So come on and join the revolution! Grab your packet of Nutchies and crunch your way with us into a nutty, new world!"

~ Kenneth Ho, co-Founder of Nutchies

20 March 2019 ~

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