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~ Instructions - Using Promo Codes ~

~ Discount Promotion ~

Enter Promo Code "7%OFF" - Order $250 or above get  7% off discount 

Enter Promo Code "14%OFF" - Order $500 or above get 14% off discount 

~ Set Promotion 100g ~

Enter Promo code "Buy6" - Buy any 6 pieces of 100g for $234 (Original $252) 

Enter Promo code "Buy12" - Buy any 12 pieces of 100g for $432 (Original $504)

~ Small pack promo ~

Enter Promo code "7%OFF" - Buy 30 pieces of 30g for ONLY $324 (Original $348)

Enter Promo code "Small12" - Buy any 12 pieces of 50g for ONLY $240 (Original $264)

*** Not to be used together with other promotions

*** Nutchies HK reserves all rights to the final decision of these Promo Codes


Pls follow below steps

1) offers various promotion for our online customers.  Details of these promotions are published on the Shop/ Product page.  

2)To enjoy these promotion offers, customers can enter the promo codes into the "Enter promo code" field on SHOPPING CART page.  The system will automatically calculate the discounted total amount shown on the bottom right corner of the page.

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